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Trying to use control

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I am trying to use control for clicking a button. this it the info of the page

>>>> Window <<<<
Title:  \\Brio\5519.bqy - Windows Internet Explorer
Class:  IEFrame
Position:   0, 0
Size:   1280, 994
Style:  0x14CF0000
ExStyle:    0x00000100
Handle: 0x004A07C6

>>>> Control <<<<
Class:  StdBtn
Instance:   25
ClassnameNN:    StdBtn25
Advanced (Class):   [CLASS:StdBtn; INSTANCE:25]
ID: 1
Text:   Process List Box Selections
Position:   406, 643
Size:   111, 35
ControlClick Coords:    59, 17
Style:  0x5000000B
ExStyle:    0x00000000
Handle: 0x00130B68

And this is what I thought would work by looking at the help file.

ControlClick("\\Brio\5519.bqy - Windows Internet Explorer", "", "[CLASS:StdBtn; TEXT:Process List Box Selections; INSTANCE:25]]")
But it didnt :unsure:

And one more thing , didnt want to open an other topic.

How can i make a check to see it if is a failure or success ?

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