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Activating Window and setting text on the text box

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Good day:

I'm a newbie on AutoIt and I don't know if my post has been answered before. If in case it was, my apologies. (I was not able to see it inside the forum)

I assume that my question would be basic. What I wanted to do are 2 things:

1. Activate the window in order to

2. Set the text in the text box

My problem is I can't activate the window where the text\edit box is found.

Follow-up problem would be how to place text on the textbox (Will I use ControlSend).

Below are my code and the window information about the executable I want to run automatically:

*** CODE *** :

Run('"C:\Program Files\Sandboxie\Start.exe" /box:__ask__ run_dialog')

_WinWaitActivate("Run Sandboxed", "Select the sandbox i")


_WinWaitActivate("[#] Run Sandboxed - DefaultBox [#]", "&OK")

if WinWait("[#] Run Sandboxed - DefaultBox [#]", "&OK", 10) Then

ControlSend($title, "", "Edit1", "c:\WINDOWS\system32\calc.exe")


Func _WinWaitActivate($title, $text)

WinWait($title, $text)

if not WinActive($title, $text) Then

WinActivate($title, $text)


WinWaitActive($title, $text)


****** END OF CODE *******


>>>> Window <<<<

Title: [#] Run Sandboxed - DefaultBox [#]

Class: #32770

Position: 100, 100

Size: 531, 156

Style: 0x94C800C4

ExStyle: 0x00010101

Handle: 0x00AD01E0

>>>> Control <<<<





Advanced (Class):





ControlClick Coords:




>>>> Mouse <<<<

Position: 246, 115

Cursor ID: 0

Color: 0x7B99E1

>>>> StatusBar <<<<

>>>> ToolsBar <<<<

>>>> Visible Text <<<<




Type the name of a program or folder and Sandboxie will open it for you.

Type . (the point character) to explore your desktop with Sandboxie.

>>>> Hidden Text <<<<


Any feedback is greatly appreciated


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Try this

ControlSend("Run Sandboxed", "", "", "{TAB}{ENTER}")

When controlID="" then it will send it to active control inside window


in your code

ControlSend($title, "", "Edit1", "c:\WINDOWS\system32\calc.exe")

there is not defined variable $title

so try this

ControlSend("[#] Run Sandboxed - DefaultBox [#]", "", "Edit1", "c:\WINDOWS\system32\calc.exe")

Edited by Zedna

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Thank you very much for the reply Zedna. :unsure:

Actually I just forgot to place the hard-coded string in the $title variable.

Anyways, I tried to do what you suggested but still no luck.

What I observed is even though I am trying to reactivate the Window (code snippet below), still the Window is not focused.

if not WinWait("[#] Run Sandboxed - DefaultBox [#]", "Type the name of a", 10) Then

WinActivate("[#] Run Sandboxed - DefaultBox [#]", "Type the name of a")

ControlSend("[#] Run Sandboxed - DefaultBox [#]", "", "Edit", "c:\WINDOWS\system32\calc.exe")


In case you need window information, you may still reference the window information on my original post.

Again, thanks for the feedback :>

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Try If WinWait, instead of If Not WinWait. I might be wrong, but I'm reading you're code as saying: if the window isn't there, activate it (give it focus). You could leave it the way it is, and put a Run statement before the WinActivate, actually, you probably won't even need to give it focus, unless another program takes focus from it right away, after the Run.

- Bruce /*somdcomputerguy */  If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

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