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List = variables?

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Ok. One more question...

I have a list. And now I need that AutoIt could set every line of list as variable $proc1 then $proc2, $proc3 and so on.

Marius back in da hood! :)

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If it is a file where each line is an entry you could do this:

Dim $X
$File = FileOpen("File.txt", 1)
While 1
    $X = $X + 1
    $Line = FileReadLine($File, $X)
    If @error = -1 Then ExitLoop
    Assign("Proc" & $X, $Line)

If File.txt looked like this:



$Proc1 would equal "Notepad.exe"

and $Proc2 would equal "MsPaint.exe"

and $Proc3 would equal "Cmd.exe".

All without the quotes.

PS- Next time you should post in the regular support forum unless it is a GUI related question.

PS2 (not Sony PS2 Or IBM PS/2 :) )- Didn't get to see your script but maybe an array would work Better for what what you are doing.

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