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AutoIt v3.3.7.2 (Beta) Released

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AutoIt v3.3.7.2 (Beta) Released:

- Added: Struct/EndStruct in DllStructCreate() to solve X86/X64 data alignment.

- Changed: Compiling with VC10. Added workarounds for Win2000/XP RTM to allow execution of AutoIt, Aut2Exe, Au3Info, Au3Check and AutoItHelp.

- Fixed #1860: DriveStatus Returns Ready with blank value.

- Fixed #1854: StringIsFloat returns 1 on non float numbers.

- Fixed #1910: Please change $TTN_GETDISPINFO to $TTN_GETDISPINFOW.

- Fixed #1844: SplashTextOn crops variable when used with opt 32 and @CRLF / @LF.

- Fixed #1932: Uninstaller, windows-register, App Paths. (+beta).

- Fixed #1929: SetMenuColor() does not work on 64bit OS.

- Fixed #1479: X64 ListView WM_NOTIFY Message.


- Fixed #1920: Script crashes with error reported in Security.au3 at line 85

- Fixed #1895: Bugs in _GUIScrollBars_Init().

- Fixed #1891: _ArrayDisplay (......,i$iTranspose,...) wrong description.

Report issues here.

Download here.

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