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Scrolling Editbox? O.o

Guest InuTracy

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Guest InuTracy

Well, i'm trying to make my editbox scroll for my chat log. Here's the code, if you can is there also another way to make it so you can't edit the contents? It's like a chat room but you can delete and type stuff into the edit box. X_x Don't worry I have it delete the Chatlog.txt when the program closes.

$ChatBox = GUICtrlCreateEdit ("", 5, 100,550,400,$ES_AUTOVSCROLL+$WS_VSCROLL)

_FileCreate ("ChatLog.txt")


Func Main()

                 While $Start=1

                              While $continue=1

                                          $Test = BYONDGetLine($WindowName)

                                          If $Test="0" Then



                                                      FileWriteLine($FILE, ""&$Test&"")


                                                      $Chatzor = FileRead("ChatLog.txt", FileGetSize("ChatLog.txt"))

                                                      GuiCtrlSetData($Chatbox, $Chatzor)






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Guest InuTracy

Well, on another note. How can I make some kind of box or something with a chat log. Each line is retrieved with ByondGetLine($WindowName) as it is said, aka while 1. Can someone help me with that instead of my idea?

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