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How to get the next consecutive number?

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Hi all

I would like to be able to automate the process of naming a saved file.

The file would need to be a uniquely named file, eg say 500 times, something like "Page 1" "Page 2" etc.

Is there a way i can get it to add "1" to the text after i enter the text "Page" each loop it does?

Thanks in advance

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Here's just a small example of writing to a file. In this example, moving $Content into the for loop and changing its value can make dynamic text in each file.

$Content = "This is the first line" & @CRLF & "This is the second line" & @CRLF

$stop = 500;will make 500 loops
For $x = 1 To $stop
   $fName = "Page" & $x & ".txt"
   FileWrite($fName, $Content)

Writing AutoIt scripts since

_DateAdd("d", -2, _NowCalcDate())
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