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dllcall jkdefrag.dll

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I cant just figure out how to call the dll function in JkDefrag.dll

jkDefrag.dll is a defragmenter

i am trying to execute 3 functions

1. DefragInitialize

2. RunDefrag

3. StopDefrag

Module name:JkDefrag.dll


TimeDateStamp: 45E0C591

Version: 0.00

Ordinal base: 00000001

Number of functions: 00000003

Number of Names: 00000003

DefragInitialize rva: 00007490 ord: 1 => jkdefrag.dll - functions

RunDefrag rva: 00007450 ord: 2 =>jkdefrag.dll - functions

StopDefrag rva: 00007480 ord: 3 =>jkdefrag.dll - functions

DllCall(@Scriptdir & "\Jkdefrag.dll", "", "DefragInitialize", "" )
DllCall(@Scriptdir & "\Jkdefrag.dll", "", "RunDefrag", "C:\" )
DllCall(@Scriptdir & "\Jkdefrag.dll", "", "StopDefrag", "" )
' I dont know what return type I will choose?

The attachment contains the JkDefrag.dll


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Is there a reason why you want to call the dll instead of the executable? Their website show lots of switches to perform numerous functions with their exe.

#include <ByteMe.au3>

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You need to find documentation of the additional parameters required for each of the functions you want to use in that DLL, then you need to learn how to use DllCall().

For eample, your attempt at "RunDefrag" isn't even valid syntax in AutoIt. Where is the type definition for the return, and for the parameter "C:\", and what makes you think that is supposed to be a string? Maybe it wants a handle to the target drive instead.

Only the documentation knows for sure.


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