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Possibly BUg with EventHandler

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I try touse the example show in test EventTest-IE6.au3

it seems that's the program never go in the following func

Func IEEvent_NavigateComplete2($oWebBrowser,$URL) 

;    IDispatch *pDisp,


GUICtrlSetData ( $GUI_Edit_Log, "IE has finished loading URL: " & $URL & @CRLF  , "append" )


I work on XP SP2


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i think that it just doesnt call it ?

btw there just test things. Not examples.



As W0uter said, those were just some events you 'could' catch. But it's up to the Internet Explorer to fire them or not.

For a full list of Internet Explorer Events you could take a look at: http://msdn.microsoft.com/workshop/browser...wserevents2.asp

If you want to catch the completion of a web page load, you could use: IEEvent_DownloadComplete()



EDIT: typo

Edited by SvenP

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