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Trying to get autoit to start up and connect a vpn network connection

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Hi ,

I need to set up a script to automatically run 2 vpn connections. The first one uses an exe file and thus it was easy to script, but the 2nd is a connection that is not an exe file, under All Control Panel Items\Network Connections\<connection name> I have no idea how i can make my script open this and click on the connect button. Is there anyway i can do this?

Thanks for any help!

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Refer to post.

In the first function ( Func _NicControl($oLanConnection, $bEnable = 1, $bFullName = 1) ), change:

$strEnableVerb = "En&able"

$strDisableVerb = "Disa&ble"


$strEnableVerb = "C&onnect"

$strDisableVerb = "Disc&onnect"

Enable/Disable are used for Network Connections while Connect and Disconnect are used for VPN Connections. I thought there would be a WMI solution for this but I couldn't find anything. So far this is it but it seems to work fine for me!

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