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ControlSend() doesn't send "{RCTRL}"

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I can't get ControlSend() to send "{RCTRL}" or Alt or Shift. I am doing it right because it works for every key but those. Any ideas on how to make it work?


Can you put a small script which is reproducing your problem?

Did you use the official release and/or the beta release?

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$window = "Game"
ControlSend($window, "", "", "{RCTRL}")

It is a game and thus has no control. All other keys send except ctrl, alt, and shift. I am guessing it is because of a control problem.


Does the game react to "{RCTRL}" without any char send after?
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It will react to

but not
ControlSend("Game", "", "", "{RCTRL}")

I have tried dozens of times, but it doesn't seem to work.


Do I understand Send is OK but not ControlSend?

Does others as ControlSend("Game", "", "", "{RIGHT}") work?

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