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Super mega converter!

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I have a question before i start writing my super mega converter:

Do you think its possible to select a codec for input (lets say mp4) then select the codec for output (lets say mp3) and then a what to convert from, and what to convert to option.

So basicly my script will be a middle link between the two codecs.

Im so tired of having multiple converter programs that i want to write one myself, but before i do it i wanna know:

It is probably possible, so in the end i ask:

How would you attack this problem!


Good night :huh2:

[font="helvetica, arial, sans-serif"]Hobby graphics artist, using gimp.Automating pc stuff, using AutoIt.Listening to music, using Grooveshark.[/font]Scripts:[spoiler]Simple ScreenshotSaves you alot of trouble when taking a screenshot!Don't remember what happened with this, but aperantly the exe is all i got.If you don't want to run it, simply don't._IsRun UDFIt figures out if the script has ben ran before based on the info in a ini file.If you don't want to use exactly what i wrote, you can use it as inspiration.[/spoiler]

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I have made a simple mp3 to wav converter and a wav to mp3 converter. I may be mistaken, but transcoding directly isn't possible. That's why you need to deflate the compressed song, then re-encode. But you will lose the ID3 info. Just today, I was thinking about an ID3 UDF that I could use to put the information into an array and after it is encoded, apply it back to the converted tracks.

I don't know of any easier way of accomplishing it than that. I would definitely break the process down into separate functions and write each part as if it were standalone and the pull it all together with a GUI that calls the functions.

The one thing I couldn't do was work with LAME encoder without the DOS type window popping up.

Hope this helps and good luck!

#include <ByteMe.au3>

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I would love to write a script that simply passes from wav to 320Kb mp3, and I don't mind the ID3 tags, could you please share your code?

Greats from Barcelona

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