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Forgive me to bother you, but I have stuck on several problems =(

First: I got about 50 buttons in my program, generated by for statement(made mostly for styling checkboxes), do I have to create function for each button? Or is there another "Easier way"? ._. I'm asking this, since xSkin buttons doesn't send GUIMsg, it has it's own function.


#Include <XSkin.au3> 

; folder of skin
$Skin_Folder = @ScriptDir & "\Skin"
$XSkinGui = XSkinGUICreate( "My GUI", 400, 450, $Skin_Folder)
$button_1 = XSkinButton("Button 1", 145, 100, 100, 35, "Hello")

While 1
    MouseOver(1) ;makes the button flash on mouseover

Func Hello()
    MsgBox(64, "XSkin", "Test Button 1", 3)

Button isn't styled, I mean it is default view. I've put button images to my skin folder and nothing. Where have I gone wrong? Thank you in advance.

Here's not working button:

Posted Image

And here's how it supposed to look:

Posted Image

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Actually, if you hooked XSkin and ControlHover() together, that is exactly what I did with EzSkin.au3

This also has numerous button choices along with all the original skin choices too


I know, thank you for the link =) but ezSkin has several problems, for which I can't find solution. The problem is when I open any secondary gui button effect in ezskin stops working =( also ezskin doesn't have gui fadeout on inactive effect or does it? o_O And laststly, ezskin doesn't have such awesome tray message =( but in any case, you did a great job. Really appretiated, because I was using ezskin, since I made my first prog =D just want to make it more dynamic(for e.g. to change skin folder)
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