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Pixel clicking based on reading text.

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Hi guys. I'm trying to write a script that automatically clicks text of a certain color. I have made a semi reliable pixel search for my screen resolution, but to transfer the script to a friend, it would be less accurate as there is other text on the screen of the same color, my code is..

func ExecuteScript3() 

$variable3 = PixelSearch(300, 553,1000, 1000,"0x2D0000")

if IsArray($variable3) = True Then
MouseMove($variable3 [0], $variable3 [1],1)

func ExecuteScript4()

So i was wondering, if there is a way to get internet explorer to read the text and if it says "click here for help", then click it, otherwise, skip that item and search for the next item of that color. or is there another method that works better for this?


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Would be much more reliable if you use the _IE* functions of the IE.au3 UDF. See help file.

You want to find the HTML element containing that text, not the pixel color.


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