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Equal data in For...In Loop not matching

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I did 2 compares. First a visual one. I output the results to messagebox, as I know for sure, the 3rd value in $bin appears here:

Posted Image

I already have $sModel set to be shown in the GUI for my own purposes, and it visually matches:

Posted Image

Those are photos because I am testing in WinPE on actual hardware. I also had a log file written using this code:

_FileWriteToLine("x:windowssystem32autoit.log", 1 ,"Var Log File with pipes", 1)
_FileWriteToLine("x:windowssystem32autoit.log", 2 ,"sModel: |" & $sModel & "|", 1)
_FileWriteToLine("x:windowssystem32autoit.log", 3 ,"StringStripWS sModel: |" & StringStripWS($sModel, 8) & "|", 1)
_FileWriteToLine("x:windowssystem32autoit.log", 4 ,"bin 3: |" & $bin[3] & "|", 1)
_FileWriteToLine("x:windowssystem32autoit.log", 5 ,"StringStripWS bin 3: |" & StringStripWS($bin[3], 8) & "|", 1)

Which yielded these results:

Var Log File with pipes
sModel: |Z1-7596|
StringStripWS sModel: |Z1-7596|
bin 3: |Z1-7596|
StringStripWS bin 3: |Z1-7596|

Now this particular example, there is no whitespace (as you can see) however there are systems in the field that do. I had tested without StringStripWS but to no avail. Since the match does actually exist, I am thinking the problem is with the $r variable. I had tried changing it to other ones like $j but no change. It is declared as a Local in the code, I may try Global and see if that makes any difference.

EDIT: declaring as Global didn't make a difference. ;)

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