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Remote control ThumbsPlus to rename and move pictures

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I have a feasibility question of AutoIt and a task which I hope to automatize it a bit with AutoIt. Here is what I want to do. I'm using ThumbsPlus to find similar pictures and after compare them manually I decide if a picture should be replaced the one in my main directory. This means the picture which should replace should be renamed of the picture name which should be replaced. ThumbsPlus shows a Thumbnail list sorted them by first similarity an second by name. The current way I have to do is this:

1. After I have decided if I will replace the picture in my main folder with another one, I will copy the picture name to the picture which will replace the one in the main dir (select picture which should be replaced > F2 > Ctrl+C > select replacing picture > F2 > Ctrl+V). Problem here is, that I wasn't able to make ThumbsPlus let the picture sort that the replacing picture is always on the left or right of the picture to replace. That means sometimes the replacing picture is on the right and sometimes on the left of the picture to replace. I have no idea why it is that way. Because ThumbsPlus let me sort by similarity and name/path/size/dimension and so on. But it doesn't change anything.

2. Select the replacing picture > Shift+F2 > Select path to move (the last used is written in the path line).

3. Confirm Replacement with Shift+R

So the main problems are to let AutoIt find the two pictures. Maybe I could select them. The next would be to say AutoIt which picture is the one to be replaced. That could be recognized by the path of the two pictures.

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