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Buttons not working ?

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Solved I was setting the GUISetState to @SW_HIDE from the start then using WinSetState to @SW_SHOW the window, so the GUI was Never set to show. I changed the GUISetState to @SW_SHOW and now when I hide and re show it everything works. So to bother you guys now.

I have made two programs both with gui's, now Ihave set a button on one when pressed it hides/shows the other one. I am using this

WinSetState("MainGUI", "", @SW_HIDE)
WInSetState("MainGUI", "", @SW_SHOW)

It works fine on hide and show but when it is re-activated from hide to show the buttons dont work anymore, the slider works fine.

Now I am using GUICtrlCreatePic for the buttons so they are pictures instead of GUICtrlCreateButton.

Any Ideas of what is happening here ?

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