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An odd combo box

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I'm trying to interact with a combo box, but it seems a little different from the standard combobox (standard as in, the ones provided in the samples).

Some details about how one would manually interact with it:

1. It works just like a standard combobox.

2. When you click on it, the dropdown list appears

3. When you select an item that is not the same as the current item, every item in the list is *bolded*

I commit changes by clicking an "apply" button.

Now I want to change the current selection using autoit, so I would first get the index that I want and then call SetCurSel from the combobox UDF.

It works when the items are bolded, but when the items are not bolded, the selected item does not change (although the cursor HAS moved to the specified index)

So I've concluded that I need to first make sure that items are bolded before I try to select something, so I send an up and down key to it (both keys are used to handle corner cases). The up/down movement causes the items to be bolded, so I can select items successfully. But because I'm sending keys to it, it is slower than the other functions that directly interact the control and therefore forces me to use delays to make sure that all operations are done in sequence.

This delay significantly slows down the process.

Am I correct to assume that, for example, sending the string "abc" is slower than setting the string to "abc"?

Has anyone worked with this type of combo box?

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