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no communication with SMTP server

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Hi, I am a new guy here.

I have a problem with starting using _INetSmtpMail() function.

I tried different ways, however, all the time I received message” Error 50”

For solving the problem I did the following:

- I deleted Antivirus program on my computer

- I disabled Firewall of my Windows system

- I disabled Firewall of my wireless router DSL-2640B

- I asked my Internet Provider about Port 25 and they confirmed that all their ports are opened

- I checked Port 25 connection using different Port Checkers (for example, http://www.canyouseeme.org/). The port 25 is closed, 22 and 23 are opened. I heard that sometimes Port Checkers give wrong information so I can’t trust

- I tried to send email with object “ObjCreate("CDO.Message")”, but without success (I suppose, because of the same reason – no communication with SMTP server)

I found in the description of _INetSmtpMail() function (Help file of AutoIt), that the first parameter is “Smtp server the eMail is to be sent though. In order to fight spam, many ISPs require this to be their server”.

My Internet Provider is www.acanac.ca. However, to send email, I am using my email box on GMAIL.COM server. Maybe it was a mistake that I set the parameter: $s_SmtpServer ="smtp.gmail.com"?

If somebody know what can be the reason?

What is a solution of the problem?

Please, help me.

Thank you in advance.

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I already solved the problem. The reason - my router did not work properly and the port 25 was closed.

I can send emails using ObjCreate("CDO.Message") function. Anyway one question is not clear for me: why the function _INetSmtpMail() doesn't have password parameter? How it can work without password. When I try the function i receive error 50 message.

Please, explain if somebody knows.

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