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Scroll List Like the one in XP Media Center

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Microsoft Windows Media Player provides functionality to change the overall appearance of the player itself through the use of "skins". Skins are custom overlays that consist of collections of one or more files of computer art, organized by an XML file. The XML file tells Windows Media Player how to use these files to display a skin as the user interface. In this manner, the user can choose from a variety of standard skins, each one providing an additional visual experience. Windows Media Player comes with several skins to choose from, but it is relatively easy to create and distribute custom skins.

I think that CWebPage.dll should be able to use skins but never tryed it...

kjactive :)

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Well if you want to create/use skins you have to move some programming over in DHTML and XML language

The graphic attached is a colorfull 'cone of light' control and the DHTML code could look something like this:

<STYLE>.alpFilter {background-color:blue;filter:light();color:white}</STYLE><script>window.onload=fnInit;function fnInit(){
var iX2=Alp.offsetWidth;var iY2=Alp.offsetHeight;Alp.filters[0].addCone(0,0,1,iX2,iY2,255,250,90,50,180)}</SCRIPT>
<A HREF=str:1><DIV class="alpFilter" ID=Alp style="position:absolute;left:291;top:110;width:100;height:20;border:1 solid red;cursor:hand;text-decoration:none;text-align:center"
Text highlighted by a Cone</DIV></A>

You need an XML editor - there are some nice freeware stuff around and the CWebPage control that is embedded need the library CWebpage.dll in 'system32'...

CWebpage can be found here:


Here is a small example to use DHTML code in autoit3: needs Tul.jpg graphics as the background and the CWebpage library...

#include <GUIConstants.au3>
HotKeySet("ESC", "Exits")
$dll = DLLOpen("cwebpage.dll"); load in the Html library
If $dll = -1 then; check library load okay status or bust
    MsgBox(48,"ERROR...","CWebpage library failed...")

$Main = GUICreate("Graphics...",-1,-1,200,200,$WS_POPUP)
DLLCall($dll,"long","EmbedBrowserObject","hwnd",$Main); attach the browser object from library
$a = '<BODY scroll=no><IMG style="position:absolute;left:0;top:0;width:110%;height:110%;padding:10;cursor:none" src="C:\UpLoad\HtmlStrings\Tul.jpg" alt="Help">'
$a = $a & '<STYLE>.alpFilter {background-color:blue;filter:light();color:white}</STYLE><script>window.onload=fnInit;function fnInit(){'
$a = $a & 'var iX2=Alp.offsetWidth;var iY2=Alp.offsetHeight;Alp.filters[0].addCone(0,0,1,iX2,iY2,255,250,90,50,180)}</SCRIPT>'
$a = $a & '<A HREF=str:1><DIV class="alpFilter" ID=Alp style="position:absolute;left:291;top:110;width:100;height:20;border:1 solid red;cursor:hand;text-decoration:none;text-align:center"'
$a = $a & ' onmousedown="this.style.left=293;this.style.top=112" onmouseup="this.style.left=291;this.style.top=110">Text highlighted by a Cone</DIV></A></BODY>'

DLLCall($dll,"long","DisplayHTMLStr","hwnd",$Main,"str",$a); display the html code in the browser control

While 1
    $msg = GUIGetMsg()
    Case $msg = -3

Func Exits()

ESC shortcut key quits window and closes library...

This is just some example scripts to get you started But you can do a lot lookwise in plain autoit3 gui like change background colors, resize controls but only to a point - no fancy stuff like flash files, roleover events, transitions etc....

kjactive :)

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