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Doesn't 'ping' work correctly?

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I just want to test if a station responds within a given time.

The following script reports a '1' as roundtrip time.

However a 'ping' in a command window

(Windows 2000 SP4) results a 'Destination host not reachable'

(Zielhost nicht erreichtbar).

How can I test if "" is present or not?

$var = Ping("",250)

If $var Then

Msgbox(0,"Status","Online, roundtrip was:" & $var)


Msgbox(0,"Status","An error occured with number: " & @error)


BTW: Windows without AutoIt is like a car without wheels...

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Hi Uwe :)

normally there is no bug :evil:

Yeah, but I found a better possibility to check for the error.

I will test it today or tomorrow in the later evening under different OS's.

Thanks for info and regards


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No, the problem is the internal handling.

You can ping this address and the problem is when there is a network message like:

"Answer from X.X.X.X: Destation host unreachable"

So for the command there is an answer so the connection is ok but it isn't.

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