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winrar auto install

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New to the Autoit tool. Trying to get a feel for a simple automatic software install.

Trying to get firefox (i know there is a silent install, but trying to learn this tool) installed on a windows 7 machine.

Following is my script

Run("firefox Setup 4.0.1.exe")

WinWaitActive("Open File - Security Warning")


WinWaitActive("Mozilla Firefox Setup","")


WinWaitActive("Mozilla Firefox Setup","Choose the type of setup")


WinWaitActive("Mozilla Firefox Setup","Firefox will be installed")



When i run this script it never moves past line #4 (the window just sits there). I have tried different things but not sure what i am missing. For somereason it is not clicking through the Next button.

any help would be appreciated


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Firefox is no problem silently

It has switches available for that purpose

For eg

I use the version from here


then i auto change the name within my naming conventions to install_firefox.exe then use this command within a cmd window to install it

install_firefox.exe -ms -ma

Chimaera Edited by Chimaera

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