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ok, kinda lame script unless you have just recovered pictures off an old hard drive. lol.

I decided to make a script after I had to recover nearly 800 pictures off my sisters old hard drive. the program i used named every file "cluster ######.JPG" and every file was 1.43 megs... which was 1.1 gigs of pictures... after resaving them with paint each file was about 283 KB. turning that 1.1 gigs to a slim 188 megs. :evil:

I'm sure theres probably other ways to get the filenames and open them in paint, but i think this was the simplest. you specify the folder, filename start number end number and extention and it does the rest. It simply increments the ###### in the file name...


Posted Image

hitting browse and selecting the file inserted all the data, the Filename was originally "cluster 934823" you remove the numbers so you get "cluster " (notice the space) and put that number in the start number text box. then find the highest number file for this example, i just used "940000"

anyone can modify this script in anyway they please. This is my first script so i wouldn't be surprised if something can be simplified, but this works lol :)

Many thanks to:

MSLx Fanboy for getting me past the 1 million max on the "for to" array. :D

/dev/null for supplying me with the correct code to get the progress bar working :D

btw.. the program used to recover the pictures incase anyone want to know was: PC Inspector 4.x


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