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Banned for sending me this message:

Warmonger said:


You have a few staff members and mvp's that are harassing me and violating the rules they swore to uphold. I am contacting my family relative (administrative law judge) for guidance with my case. We will push legal proceedings against you that may seek financial damages in the maximum amount allowed, an injunction to restrain your publishing rights, attorneys' fees, costs, and interest. In addition to civil proceedings, we also reserve our rights to report your illegal actions to the criminal authorities where appropriate. Therefore, unless you handle this and show Jon and Jos the ramifications of their actions. I will have no choice but to proceed with justice, to make you feel the pain I feel by your community leaders. I have been post banned and gave a warning level for what? For asking for help? They state I was breaking the forum rules when I clearly was not. I have evidence to backup my claim.

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