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UDF: Animated Progress Bar


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Hi Guys,

I wrote a little tool for one of my projects. It is an animated progress bar, which run in the "background", implemented via AdlibEnable().

Once started, the progress bar will be animated until you close it. You can set the current status of your operations while your functions are running. The whole gui can be moved with the mouse, no matter where in the GUI you click, AND even while you move the GUI, the animation goes on and on :evil:

Comments are welcome if you like it as well as if you think this sucks.... :)

Here's some sample code:

#include <anislider.au3>


func _AniSliderTestMain()

   _AniSliderCreateGui("Animated Slider Demo", "Status line...", "_AniSliderTestExit")   
   while 1

func _AniSliderTestFunc1()
   local $i_Counter
   for $i_Counter = 10 to 0 step -1
          _AniSliderSetProgressState("I'm in _AniSliderTestFunc1()...           " & $i_Counter & " s")

func _AniSliderTestFunc2()
   for $i_Counter = 1 to 10 
          _AniSliderSetProgressState("I'm in _AniSliderTestFunc2()...           " & $i_Counter & " s")

func _AniSliderTestExit()
   msgbox(0,"EXIT", "This has been a AniSlider demo by /dev/null")




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cool! I've been wanting to write a better version of the built-in progress meter, and this gives me ideas of how to do it. Thanks

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