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winexist problem

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hi i have a problem with the function if not winexist...

i need that it reconise a windows, but the windows have every time a different tile but some words are the same

i have this code

run( @AutoItExe & " /AutoIt3ExecuteScript mysoftware.exe  ") ; <<<<< Test using Notepad.
Sleep ( 10000 ) ; <<<<< Wait for CMD to Start.

While 1
    If Not Wintext("A WORD FROM TITLE") Then $PID = Run( @AutoItExe & " /AutoIt3ExecuteScript mysoftware.exe  ") ; <<<<< Use AU3Info Tool in SciTE > Tools to get the CLASS name of the Window.
Sleep(5000) ; Sleep  Wait.

NOW IF I TEST IT WITH NOTEPAD OR CMD it works fine but if i use with what i need and put just a word from title it doesen't reconize so it start to open windows in loop... :)

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AutoItSetOption("WinTitleMatchMode",2) or a dirty way to check with StringInStr() the word you looking for.

When the words fail... music speaks

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