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winpcap, read packet data

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I have problem with parsing packet data using BinaryToString function. Im tryin capture only rtmp links from packet data using _PcapGetPacket($pcap). From reference (http://opensource.grisambre.net/pcapau3/) function return array and third element is a packet data in binary format. When I use BinaryToString there is nothing on output. Did I do something wrong? I would like convert packet to string and do some regex latter (see HttpCapture function) but I cannot get packet data in string.

#include <Array.au3> 
#include <Winpcap.au3> 

$winpcap=_PcapSetup() ; initialize winpcap 
$pcap_devices=_PcapGetDeviceList() ; get devices list 
$pcap=_PcapStartCapture($pcap_devices[1][0],"tcp port 1935",1)
    If IsArray($packet) Then 
Until $packet=-2 ; EOF
_PcapFree() ; close winpcap

Func HttpCapture($data) 
    $links = StringRegExp($data, 'rtmp://(.*?)_definst_', 2)

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Try the loop like this to see what you are actually getting:

While 1
    If $packet=-2 Then 
        ExitLoop ; EOF
    ElseIf IsArray($packet) Then 
        ConsoleWrite("$packet[3] = " & $packet[3] & @LF)
        ConsoleWrite(BinaryToString($packet[3]) & @LF & @LF)

Also, BinaryToString() assumes ANSI unless you tell it otherwise. See help file.


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