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Very Simple Excel Cell Read/ write


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Hi, guys,

Here is simple example script; is it asking too much for someone to take over and do it better?

This reads a cell in a sheet, then adds to it, then changes content, then saves and exits Excel.

It won't check if the cells are a format that won't accept adding etc.

Function in second section.

Is this already written well as a discrete function? -I cannot find it in search.

dim $FilePath,$var


If Not FileExists($FilePath) Or Not StringInStr($FilePath, "xls") Then

  $FilePath = FileOpenDialog("Go - Choose your excel file as inbuilt one not exists", $FilePath, "Worksheet" & " (" & "*.xls" & ")", 1);+ $Recurse+ $Recurse


_ExcelCOM($FilePath,1,"E",7,"Read",1,4,0,0); read cell "E7"

msgbox (0,"ReadCell=",$var)

_ExcelCOM($FilePath,1,"E",7,"Add",1,9,0,0); Add 9 to cell "E7"

msgbox (0,"After Add=",$var)

_ExcelCOM($FilePath,1,"E",7,"Into",1,"Hi",1,0); write 'Hi' and make visible cell "E7"

msgbox (0,"After Into=",$var)

_ExcelCOM($FilePath,1,"E",7,"Read",1,4,0,1); read cell "E7" and Exit Excel

msgbox (0,"After Exit=",$var)

msgbox (0,"Excel Process Exists=",ProcessExists ( "Excel.exe" ) )


func _ExcelCOM($sFilePath,$Sheet,$Column,$Row,$MEExcelCom,$Save,$ExcelValue,$Visible,$Exit)

If Not FileExists($sFilePath) Or Not StringInStr($sFilePath, "xls") Then

  ;msgbox (0,"$sFilePath=",$sFilePath)

  $sFilePath = FileOpenDialog("Go", $sFilePath, "Worksheet" & " (" & "*.xls" & ")", 1);+ $Recurse+ $Recurse


$oExcel = ObjGet ($sFilePath) ; Get an Excel Object from an existing filename

If IsObj ($oExcel) Then

  If $Sheet > $oExcel.Worksheets.count Then $Sheet = $oExcel.Worksheets.count

  with $oExcel

  .Windows (1).Visible = 1; Set the first worksheet in the workbook visible

  .Worksheets ($Sheet).Activate

  .ActiveSheet.Visible = 1


    Case StringInStr($MEExcelCom, "Into")

    .activesheet.range ($Column & $Row).value = $ExcelValue  ; Fill cell  numbers +0

    $var = .activesheet.range ($Column & $Row).value

    Case StringInStr($MEExcelCom, "Add")

    $var = .activesheet.range ($Column & $Row).value

    .activesheet.range ($Column & $Row).value = number($ExcelValue) + $var ; Fill cell  numbers

    $var = .activesheet.range ($Column & $Row).value

    Case StringInStr($MEExcelCom, "Read")

    $var = .activesheet.range ($Column & $Row).value

    Case StringInStr($MEExcelCom, "Range")

    .activesheet.range ($Column & $Row & ":" & $Column2 & $Row2).value = $ExcelValue ; Fill cell  numbers


  If $Save = "Save" Then



  .Application.Visible = $Visible; Set the application invisible (without this Excel will exit)

  If $Exit = 1 Then

    .Save  ;d = 1





  MsgBox(0, "Excel File Test", "Error: Could not open " & $sFilePath & " as an Excel Object.")


return $var


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