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Error wirh pixel search

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Im trying to make this:

HotKeySet("{NUMPAD7}", "vida")
HotKeySet("{NUMPAD2}","lTGetCoord") ;left top x, y
HotKeySet("{NUMPAD3}","rBGetCoord") ; right bottom x, y

While 1

func vida()
$location = PixelSearch ( $posLT[0], $posLT[1], $posBR[0], $posBR[1], 0x000000)
If IsArray ($location) = 1 Then 
    MouseClick ('left', $location[0], $location[1], 1, 0) 
    MouseClick ('left', $location[0], $location[1], 1, 0) 

Func rBGetCoord()
    $posRB = MouseGetPos()

Func lTGetCoord()
    $posLT = MouseGetPos()

Then, i run the app, i push numpad2 and numpad 3 BUT when i push numpad 7 to run the func vida (with the pixelsearch) i have this error:

$location = PixelSearch ( $posLT[0], $posLT[1], $posRB[0], $posRB[1], 0x000000)
$location = PixelSearch ( ^ ERROR

and the program ends

I dont understand, without vars in pixelsearch it works, but i need that the user can change the area.

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your $posLT and $posBR are Local so when the function ends, the variables are cleared. Declare them as Global at the top of the script.



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