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This function figures out how many dimensions there are in an array. I don't know if there already is a function like this but I searched all over. Here's the code:

Func _ArrayDim(ByRef $aArray)
    If not IsArray($aArray) Then Return 0
    If UBound($aArray, 2) Then Return 2
    Return 1

...and here is the example:

Dim $array1[1]
Dim $array2[1][1]
Dim $string = ""

MsgBox(0, "1 dim array", _ArrayDim($array1))
MsgBox(0, "2 dim array", _ArrayDim($array2))
MsgBox(0, "string", _ArrayDim($string))

Hope you like it!

Any comments or questions are greatly appreciated! :)

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