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Java Combobox value set

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Hi All,

I am trying to automate a java application which has many combo boxes without name. JAVA Ferret couldn't recognize the combo boxes. However i tried to select value from the combo boxes using the below code, Its woking fine with the first combo box but not working for the second combo box. can any one of you suggest me how i can instruct AutoIT to recognize the second combo box? I have attached the snapshot of my application & java ferret, Java monkey properties with this post. any guidance will be highly appreciated.


;For Combo1


$java_obj1 = _JavaObjSelect("", "", "combo box", 1)

$java_obj1 = _JavaObjValueSet("", "", "combo box", 1)


;For Combo2


$java_obj2 = _JavaObjSelect("", "", "combo box", 2)

$java_obj2 = _JavaObjValueSet("", "", "combo box", 1)

Thanks and Regards,


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Can you access ComboBox 1 to ComboBox 2 using Tab key ?

You may want to send tab keys to that window/control - dirty but efficient !

Check help file for Send / ControlSend !

Good luck!!


Thanks. This is Java application so we can't use the control send function here since we dont know the "classnameNN" properties.


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This don't belongs in "Example Scripts"

Go as user (ALSO) double posted it.

:) (This is one reason to "Just Don't" double post ...)

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