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SciTEConfig and TidyWrapper

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I have issues with SciTE when I run a new install and I usually have to edit the configuration files.

=> So I've created a script that amends the "SciTEGlobal.properties" file.

Later, I needed to change the behaviour of Tidy.exe, so I wrote a wrapper for it

and updated "au3.properties" so that it uses it.


1/ The "findstr" command might be incorrect.

The orginal SciTE setting is: 'find.command=findstr /n /s /I "$(find.what)" "$(find.files)"'

The right/better command is: 'find.command=C:\WINDOWS\System32\findstr.exe /n /s /i /c:"$(find.what)" $(find.files)'

Run "C:\WINDOWS\System32\findstr.exe /?" for more info.

2/ I think KeypadMinus should behave the same as Minus.

Therefore, I've remapped the code commenting feature to "Ctrl+KeypadMinus" instead of "KeypadMinus".

REPLACE("KeypadPlus|IDM_EXPAND|\", "Ctrl+KeypadPlus|IDM_EXPAND|\")


3/ I like Tidy but I am annoyed with the way it handles some formatting:

- I found it is incompatible with the setting "strip.trailing.spaces=1" in SciTE in some cases

- Also I like to to end my script with a line break (ie. an empty line)

so that we don't get the "\ No newline at end of file" message in the GIT Revision Control System.

=> So I wrote a wrapper that replaces Tidy and calls it, and decorates it with a behaviour that I find better.

- The wrapper file also moves the old file to C:\tmp

- and opens WinMerge to display the differences with the previous file.


- Keep the files SciTEConfig.au3 and TidyWpr.au3 together (ie. in the same directory).

- Just run SciTEConfig.au3.

=> "TidyWpr.au3" will be copied into the "\AutoIt3\SciTE\Tidy" directory

+ files "SciTEGlobal.properties" and "au3.properties" will be updated.

-- Edit Monday, 11 July 2011, 5:36 PM

Udated the findstr.exe command: removed quotes around of $(find.files) and removed the /p option.

This should allow to search multiple different files

eg. "*au3 *bat *inc"

eg. > C:\WINDOWS\System32\findstr.exe /n /s /i /p /c:"test" *au3 *bat *inc

-- Edit Friday, 22 July 2011, 5:42 PM

Updated scirpts for x64 systems (Win 7 and Win Server 2008).



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