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Meditech Balance Scrape

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The goal of my task is to scrape the Balance from the Meditech Account Screen(Vendor Menu Option #11). I am accessing this through Meditech Workstation version 3.14.

Status FB 09/17/10

Agency OUTSR 57

UR Chgs 0

AR Chgs 4403.15

Balance 1320.95

Insurance Balance


CASH 1320.95

I have tried using several options including: the au3record, mouseclickdrag and Alt C then Ctrl V to scrape and dump the value into Notepad(see attachment) Meditech Help shows the Alt C being correct for the copy and of course Ctrl V pastes into Notepad.

In each case the task runs to completion, but the balance is never written. I have tried Sending "1234" right before and "56789" just after the balance value scraped and they right to the Notepad just fine, but the balance doesn't.

The Screen Capture command does work to write to a ".jpg" but I don't want that. Long term, my goal is to scrape the balance for thousands of accounts and place them in a single output file.

Thank you in advance for your help.


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I haven't looked at your code, but have you tried using the ControlGetText function?

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