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IPTV webcasting with autoit?

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I'm thinking of writing a basic script for IPTV webcasting.

Need some suggestions, like, if someone tried it before, any challenges?

what libraries to use etc?

1. control webcam via script

2. inserting static images for logos, with transparency

JPG & PNG. Maybe some animation effects

3. playing mp3 files

4. playing wmv and mp4 files

5. Skype access for phone\video interviews

6. events timer

7. queue + program script

8. manual override

...what else?

I imagine everything will be packed into Custom TV program script with relative timing etc like a queue


00:00 Program Start

00:01 play image C:\logo.jpg

00:29 stop image

00:30 webcam on

10:30 webcam off

10:31 commercial

10:31 play video C:\commercial.mp4

11:00 stop video

11:01 webcam on


when use ustream/livestream caster to grab video/audio from autoit app window...

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So my best understanding of this script is that you can download the script and watch what others who have the script are broadcasting and you can broadcast for others to watch too? I looked this us a little but the explanations are kind of lacking.

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