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Help me make a second copy/paste function (just for text)?

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Hello! What I'd like to do is to recreate the Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V copy/paste hotkeys, but with Alt-C and Alt-V (which would store different information). I haven't very much experience with AutoIt (nor coding in general; just trying to automate some data-entry), so it's far more idealistic (plain english) than functional, but here's what I've got insofar;

Set 'paste2' as String

If ! AND C are pressed

Then Send (highlighted data) to paste2

If ! AND V are pressed

Then Send paste2 to (ActiveWindow)

What I'd quite like help on is the syntax for sending highlighted data, and sending the same data to an active window.

Thank you in advance!

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hi Hanszimmer,

Welcome to the forums!! :D

Look at ClipGet,ClipPut and HotKeySet in the help-file, try putting something together, in AutoIt this time :)

If you get stuck, post your attempt, I'll be happy to help ;)

Good luck ;)


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