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if (@error = 1) doesn't return true though @error's value is 1

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In my AutoIt script, I'm trying to check the value of @error and based on its value I'm executing a conditional statement.

When I print the value of @error to console it says the value is 1 <=> writeconsole(@error)

Then I'm executing conditional statement based on the value of @error as below

if (@error = 1) Then

consoleWrite("Extended error :" & @extended) ; But this statment is never executed


But the above statement never return true there by not printing the extended value. I, for sure, know that the value of @error is 1 because I'm printing the value of @error to the console before the above if condition.

Could you please help?


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Ah yes you are right, thanks a lot

- Sreedhar

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