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Sending UP/DOWN keystroke with Constant

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Trying to replace a movement keystroke in a command with a user-defined variable so that people with a customized key binding can define their own movement keys.

I know how to make this work:


But I have no idea how to replace W/A/D with the constants $MoveForward/$MoveLeft/$MoveRight

When I try to type in Send("{$MoveForward DOWN}"), or Send($MoveForward DOWN), or any other combination that I can think of, it won't work.

Is this possible to do?

And if an advanced user could look over the script and see if they can spot any glaring errors, that'd be appreciated. I've been going through this piece by piece, and putting it together in chunks. I have no idea if this is even going to work when I try it.

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Side Note: I've already taken care of the syntax errors with declaring the variables for X/Y Co-ords. And the mismatched $Spear/$Spears constant was fixed.

When running this, absolutely none of the constants defined by the .ini file worked as I wanted them to. At least, not the keystrokes. Delays seemed to be fine.

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