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Trying to optimize my activate window under cursor ...

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Basically my mouse hook in dll grabs the windowfrompoint(handle) then sends the handle to my script whenever mouse moves. If you wonder why i am doing it like this and not solely from mouse in autoit the answer is because mousehook really doesnt work good with other loops in my app.

Basically i have a reged function like this that receives a message from dll with hwnd(lparam)



If StringInStr(WinGetTitle($lParam), "something that tells me its the window that is allowed to be activated") Then
      If Not WinActive($lParam) Then
    ;ConsoleWrite("HOVERING NEW, Activate It: " & WinGetTitle($lParam) & @LF)
Case ....

Sadly i still have hogs here and there and slowdowns, am i doing this thing above right?

I have winfunctiondelay on 50 milisec, has to be low because activate window under mouse makes no point then :)

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