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Help checking for errors in Excel

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Hi, guys,

Can anyone please help with improving this script to check if it will give errors (ie wrong cell format, locked cells, read only file, etc in Excel?)

Here is simple example script; is it asking too much for someone to take over and do it better? [OR IS IT ALREADY DONE SOMEWHERE?] - I tried posting on Scrips and no answer

This reads a cell in a sheet, then adds to it, then changes content, then saves and exits Excel.

It won't check if the cells are a format that won't accept adding etc.

Function in second section.

Is this already written well as a discrete function? -I cannot find it in search.

dim $FilePath,$var


If Not FileExists($FilePath) Or Not StringInStr($FilePath, "xls") Then

  $FilePath = FileOpenDialog("Go - Choose your excel file as inbuilt one not exists", $FilePath, "Worksheet" & " (" & "*.xls" & ")", 1);+ $Recurse+ $Recurse


_ExcelCOM($FilePath,1,"E",7,"Read",1,4,0,0); read cell "E7"

msgbox (0,"ReadCell=",$var)

_ExcelCOM($FilePath,1,"E",7,"Add",1,9,0,0); Add 9 to cell "E7"

msgbox (0,"After Add=",$var)

_ExcelCOM($FilePath,1,"E",7,"Into",1,"Hi",1,0); write 'Hi' and make visible cell "E7"

msgbox (0,"After Into=",$var)

_ExcelCOM($FilePath,1,"E",7,"Read",1,4,0,1); read cell "E7" and Exit Excel

msgbox (0,"After Exit=",$var)

msgbox (0,"Excel Process Exists=",ProcessExists ( "Excel.exe" ) )


func _ExcelCOM($sFilePath,$Sheet,$Column,$Row,$MEExcelCom,$Save,$ExcelValue,$Visible,$Exit)

If Not FileExists($sFilePath) Or Not StringInStr($sFilePath, "xls") Then

  ;msgbox (0,"$sFilePath=",$sFilePath)

  $sFilePath = FileOpenDialog("Go", $sFilePath, "Worksheet" & " (" & "*.xls" & ")", 1);+ $Recurse+ $Recurse


$oExcel = ObjGet ($sFilePath) ; Get an Excel Object from an existing filename

If IsObj ($oExcel) Then

  If $Sheet > $oExcel.Worksheets.count Then $Sheet = $oExcel.Worksheets.count

  with $oExcel

  .Windows (1).Visible = 1; Set the first worksheet in the workbook visible

  .Worksheets ($Sheet).Activate

  .ActiveSheet.Visible = 1


    Case StringInStr($MEExcelCom, "Into")

    .activesheet.range ($Column & $Row).value = $ExcelValue  ; Fill cell  numbers +0

    $var = .activesheet.range ($Column & $Row).value

    Case StringInStr($MEExcelCom, "Add")

    $var = .activesheet.range ($Column & $Row).value

    .activesheet.range ($Column & $Row).value = number($ExcelValue) + $var ; Fill cell  numbers

    $var = .activesheet.range ($Column & $Row).value

    Case StringInStr($MEExcelCom, "Read")

    $var = .activesheet.range ($Column & $Row).value

    Case StringInStr($MEExcelCom, "Range")

    .activesheet.range ($Column & $Row & ":" & $Column2 & $Row2).value = $ExcelValue ; Fill cell  numbers


  If $Save = "Save" Then



  .Application.Visible = $Visible; Set the application invisible (without this Excel will exit)

  If $Exit = 1 Then

    .Save  ;d = 1





  MsgBox(0, "Excel File Test", "Error: Could not open " & $sFilePath & " as an Excel Object.")


return $var


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