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Moved to Window 7, Now WinGetText Doesn't Work

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I looked around for the solution to this problem where getting visible text or hidden text didn't work. Couldn't find any solutions. I'll lay out my specifics.

The script I've been running on XP looks for the MS chat windows, and grabs text from them. Worked great for years using $txt = WinGetText("CLASSNAME=IMWindowClass"). When I moved over to Windows 7, the script runs, but produces no output. It locates and activates the window using WinActivate("CLASSNAME=IMWindowClass"), so that's not the problem.

When I use the Finder Tool, it doesn't "see" any visible or hidden text. I tried those few "FindActiveWindow()" functions posted elsewhere here, but without success.

It seems to me that this is a Windows 7 security feature of some kind, maybe? Is there a work-around?


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