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Image manipulation

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Guest toutouffe

Hi, I have my image stored in $file (well the name at least).

First of all I was wondering how I could open the image (physicaly so I can see the picture)and how I could close it (these functions must be basic, but since I have a more complicated question, I might as well ask those ones).

Secondly, I would need to check the image's width...

I don't know if it's feasible, but I guess it is.



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Guest toutouffe


That's a link to LazyCat's UDF for getting and iamge width and height. As for displaying the picture look at GUICtrlCreatePic() int he help file.


I don't understand, I took the script from the link. When I execute his script it works fine, but I use it in my script, it doesn't accept the size[0], it says there is a probleme with the [0]...size[0] gives a size^ERROR
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to use UDF's do you just use the #include command?


You can do that, or just include them as text in your own script. Just make sure you include all the commented text with it. (if it has any).


AutoIt Links

File-String Hash Plugin Updated! 04-02-2008 Plugins have been discontinued. I just found out.

ComputerGetInfo UDF's Updated! 11-23-2006

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