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Best Practice?

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hello all.

I am trying to export a key from HKEY_CURRENT_USER from a remote PC. I have used the HKEY_USERS method (resolving the SID that pertains to a user to get a copy of the user's hkey_current_user's hive) but it only works if the user is logged on. I have also been using engine's HKCU UDF which I think loads the NTUSER.DAT file for the user in question to read/write to it - this works great for single strings n such but not for exporting entire keys. Reg.exe does not allow for exporting HKEY_CURRENT_USER on remote PCs but it does allow for exporting Hkey_current_user paths locally. So I've also tried using PSEXEC in conjunction with REG.EXE to do this but have not had much success with this.

Has anyone built anything or found a better method?

many thanks in advance.

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