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MSGBOX is not displayed in a non interactive mode

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If I try to run a script with msgbox with my own user account, the message box is displayed properly

However, if I try to run the same script on a remote computer using the PSEXEC command, the message box is not displayed at all (even though I see the script in the task manager), the only way to have it working with PSEXEC is to use the -I parameter (-I is the parameter for interactive mode)

The same behavior can also be easily demonstrated by following this instructions too:

1) create a small script with a single line: MsgBox(0, "Test","Test") and complile it

2) run the script to verify you can see the message box

3) create a scheduled task to run the same script but with a different user account on your computer, schedule the task to run in 5 minutes

4) wait 5 minutes, you will see the script in the task manager, but you will not see the message box

I understand that this is because the script is not being launched in an interactive mode, however, I would like to know if there is a way to ensure the message box will be shown in spite the script was not launched in interactive mode,

This is necessary for me because I need to deploy this to many computers in a different way which doesn't allow me to specify an interactive mode,

Any help will be greatly appreciated


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