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Need help scripting bot for flash racing game.

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I'm new to AutoIt, so I need help with making a bot for a racing game, what I want is that when a pixel lights up, that colour starts the bot's macro delays, i want the delay to be configured in the programs interface so if someone wishes to change the timing, they can.

Basically, I want something that presses the up arrow 6 times, and starts when a pixal changes, then waits a few seconds (to what you configured) before pressing the up arrow for the first time.

Might be easy, but I am a total noob, so please assist me!


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dang... cant edit post... :)

I would rephrase that and say I want to make a bot that when a pixel lights up it starts and presses the up arrow 5 times when you configure it to. ;)

That isn't for a game.

But yeah it won't let me edit my first post.

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