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FF.au3 Click on button

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I need help because now i'm lost :)

I use FF.au3 to automate a monitoring for my job.

The website is all made in Javascript. Nothing in the source, all DOM.

Everything goes ok until deconnexion.

I want to click on a button, which look like this :

<button type="button" class="x-btn-text" id="ext-gen2034">Oui</button>

The ID change everytime, can't use it. Then i decided to use the class and position , with

_FFClick("x-btn-text", "class", 5)

Problem is : If i do my simulation, and when finished i manually start another script with

#include "FF.au3"

If _FFIsConnected() Then

    _FFClick("x-btn-text", "class", 2)

it works well, but when i add my _FFClick in my simulation, dosn't work anymore and i don't understand why...

I attach you a part of my simulation that i can show you, only thing maybe can influence is the _FFWIndowsSelect

Thx a lot for help,



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