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App launcher - run batch file and pass command line parameter

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I am writing a dynamic application launcher that loads a text file for it's Menu items and a text file for the commands associated to each menu item.

Menu Items text file read into an array.





Commands items text file read into a different array (a$commands) and not all of them would necessarily have parameters at the end





So that when you select from the menu -

Select A - runs "MO.cmd 1"

Select B - runs "MO.cmd 2"

Select C - runs "RO.cmd 3"

Select Test - runs "Test.cmd"

Each one of these .cmd files could have different logic in them that I don't want to try and incorporate into my launcher.

When I try to run SHELLEXECUTE($aCommand) or RUN($aCommand) and and pass it "MO.cmd 1", "MO.CMD 2" or "RO.CMD 3" I get an error that it can't find the application. Basically it's having trouble with the DOS command-line parameter that I need to pass on. If I launch "test.cmd" it works fine because there is no command line parameter.

How do I execute a batch file (or executable) and pass a command line parameter if one is present?

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Welcome to the forum!

ShellExecute() ought to work fine for you.

The line below is ripped out of one of my functioning scripts:

ShellExecuteWait(@ScriptDir & "\ZipList.bat", $work_provider & " " & $work_year & " " & $work_month, "", "", @SW_HIDE)

It passes three parameters to a .bat file that runs in a hidden window.

As you can see, the passed parameters go into the second ShellexecuteWait (or ShellExecute) parameter.

There are other examples within the helpfile.

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