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Limited number of programs on the network? Or how to check

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Nature of the program to have an internal IP that is connected to the home ....

( ~

1. Should be executed to specify the number of products made ​​($ Excu_Number: 1; default)

2. Been run on the same program, make sure that the internal ip (file.exe)

3. If a product is the number one, sure it is run the same program.

* Computer A

1. Run script file.

2. Network check ($ Excu_Number: 1)

3. Compare that to run IP check file.exe been

3-1. If you run the programs that run file.exe

3-2. If the error has already been running file.exe Moment

MsgBox (64, "Message", "Number of executable =" & $ Excu_Number $ CRLF)

file.exe link =>

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Part I want to ...

1. original.exe => user mac address + a single file conversion => file.exe

2. Run file.exe

2-1. mac address is equal to running a single file screen

(As an example above, that formerly visible on the screen, such as the file _ security)

3. Click on the icon, the original.exe run becomes a program runs.

Current is OK so far.

However, problems will occur.

What I want you want to use on a single computer, but the computer crashes or when replacing or lan card must show a reissue.

However, because you can not go and see my own computer was broken and lying back file.exe accepts a file can be used.

So I thought you played geulcheoreom above.

During a computer that uses the same internal IP (ex) ~ file.exe when running the program, $

Excu_Number: 1 as a pre-specified haedueo does not it solve this problem?

If you would like to use two computers.

1. original.exe => Com 1 mac address + $Excu_Number: 2 => a single file conversion => file.exe

2. original.exe => Com 2 mac address + $Excu_Number: 2 => a single file conversion => file.exe

This is trying to use.

ps) is to use a translator I am not sure represented well.

file.au3 link =>

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.. Maybe he want's to make sure that only a limited copies of his program run on the same Network.

E.g. it can run only on 2 PCs at the same time. ;)

You should write a procedure to check whether there is a server running in the local network, and if there is no server start a new one. If the second program will run the same check, it will discover the server and register there. A third (or fourth or n-th copy) program, for example could be denied by the server.

Hope you understand what I tried to describe. :)

Regards,Hannes[spoiler]If you can't convince them, confuse them![/spoiler]
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