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Problem with queued shortcut function

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Lets say i have a key binded to shortcut function in my script.

So each time i press for example "a" it will put this in message queue. The problem is that sometimes this function will slow down and will not process fast enough. Which causes delays and on the end it will just apply every key press-function which you can imagine doesnt look very pretty with delays.

What i would prefer is that instead putting this function in queue my script just ignores the message if the function isnt run fast enough but i have no idea how to do this.


        ;While _IsPressed("11") Or _IsPressed("56")
            ;ConsoleWrite("! WAITING FOR ^v RELEASE!" & @LF)

        ;While _IsPressed("23")
            ;ConsoleWrite("WAITING FOR END FREEDOM..." & @LF)
        ;   Sleep(10)


This is the code that can cause delays because i am waiting for shift and ctrl key releases. If i dont do this however it will sometimes just block my app and cause a global freeze(if it gets pressed fast enough)

This key presses have to be fast though so i am looking for some compromise with windows here to have it fast as possible but without any hogs?

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