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A Window from a MSI

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Hey guys,

I'm wondering if you can help me.

I'm launching a msi with msiexec as an admin and this msi launch later an other popup which I can't interact with.

I tried with Autoit Recorder as admin and as user and both can not interact with this window.

Is their a trick so autoit is not user/access dependent?

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Im already installing it in silent mod...

also the name of the product is fax center pro 8.0

I already made a mst for most of the config, but i cant get it to disable this window.

I even contacted the compagny support, but they told me it is impossible feom the settings available

thank you for your answers;

anyone else may have a suggestion?

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Well, when the "Modem Selection" windows appear, from where I work, I can not access to it.

I mean, I start any autoit action simply to "tab" into the windows or "click" or anything. Autoit detect the window, but can not interact with it.

I don't know why, all I know is that it is user related. I'm not full admin of my workspace and that is maybe the problem?

When I run a program as admin I can interact with autoit run as user without admin.

The contrary is also true. If I run my program as user, I can not interact with the program as an admin.

So anybody have an idea, how to "bypass" these restrictions?

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