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Need a listview with extras or an alternative

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<preamble – skip if you only want to know what I want to know :)>

First thing is I have a love hate relationship with GUI... I love looking at a good one.... and I hate looking at mine because they are seldom good (or at least what I want)... ;)

Most of my projects (or future projects) require a GUI to interact with users...

AND most of my current projects consist of lists of tasks/programs that are run in some order and usually have optional parts.

So I’ve been thinking listview is the answer. But I’d also like to add things to each row like buttons, progress bars, combobox, checkbox, etc. I’ve seen a few posts about possible ways of doing this with listview but they usually say “This is just a demo and has major bugs, when I have it worked out I’ll report the working version”. However, I’ve never seen a working version posted after that. :D

So what I’d like to see or create is this...


Wish list

1... A control that can be placed on a form like a list view.

1.1... Control should have most of the attributes of a listview control (e.g. Row maker, scroll bars, etc)

1.2... Control must be dynamic and be added to when the program is run (i.e. not static)

2... Control needs to be updateable (change progress, check boxes, etc) and be able to respond to user input.

3... Control needs to be able to display (on each row) different types of controls (buttons, progress, etc)

4... Elements on the control need to be accessible by referencing the control (e.g. row, column)

5... Controls need to interact with the main script (e.g. press button -> do something)

6... The UDF or set of functions can be used in many programs without a major rewrite each time.

7... I’m sure there are a few more things but I’ll add them later if anyone is interested.

So (in text form) the contents may look something like this

Row 1 Check Box, Label, Progress, Button, Button

Row 2 Check Box, Label, Progress, Button, Button

Row 3 Check Box, Label, Progress, Button, Button

On the screen it may look like this

Run Cleanup ................ Read Log

X Run defrag ....... Abort

X Run Scan Run

This would indicate that “cleanup” has been run and I could “read the log”, “Defrag” is running and I could “abort” it and “scan” is next to be run.

I did have a try at this a while ago and ended up with a complex “program” that did tick most of the boxes of the wish list above except that it couldn’t be placed on a form and was WAAAAYYY to complex to be of any use...sigh

I’m hoping that someone more familiar with GUI has something that will tick most of the wish list items and I can use it to get going on the other projects I have in mind.

If not I’ll have to have another try and see how close I can come this time to a workable solution.

Thanks for any constructive comments. ;)

John Morrison

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