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HyperNext GUI with AutoIt script?

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This is my fifth visit to AutoIt and it's really great,

I've learnt HyperNext programming language and it's great out there but need more applications to suit my needs so I came to this site.

Okay I really need some help,

Can AutoIt put its Koda GUI with Hypernext Android Creator(HAC) programming language?

The reason why I'm saying this is because I can't open the HAC software, tried everything but just can't. But I can only open the HyperNext Creator, which is only used to create PC software and not mobile phone applications.

Another reason is that Autoit is fast to open the .au3 and .exe files and HAC can create the mobile application side.

So can the AutoIt Koda GUI work with HyperNext Android Creator programming language?

Any suggestions please help.

Here are some of my questions I made in the HyperNext Creator and HyperNext Android Creator forums

Thank You


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